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Commercial cleaning Services

Janitorial 5 star services offers commercial cleaning services for new and renovated construction buildings, grocery stores, warehouses, churches and retail stores. we understand the importance of maintaining a solid and clean image for your customers, that’s why every janitorial 5 star service employee is especially trained to match your needs.with over 15 years of janitorial experience, and being insured and bonded, our staff is professionally trained to help you make a remarkable impression on your customers.


Real Estate Cleaning In South Florida

Getting Ready for an open house? Great! We are Here to Help!

Janitorial 5 Star Services offers same day services to Real Estate professionals that are either selling a property, presenting a property such as a show room or office, or plan on staging a property for show or sale. We understand the demands Real Estate professionals have and the importance of having their home or property in tip top shape.

We work around your schedule!

At Janitorial 5 Star Services we recommend to our Real Estate clients that they consider a comprehensive and nightly cleaning package so their house or property is always immaculate. In our regular nightly services, we not only ensure a deep and thorough cleaning, but we avoid disturbing your Real Estate team during regular working hours. At Janitorial 5 Star Services we work around your schedule not ours!

Retail Stores & Warehouse
Cleaning Services

Have A Retail Space or Large Office Area
That Needs Cleaning? No Worries!

Janitorial 5 Star Services specializes in retail cleaning services that will create an undeniable shopping experience for your customers. With our highly-rated janitorial services customized for your retail cleaning needs, you can remain focused on running your business. Whether you are operating warehouses, shopping centers, storefront/department stores, supermarkets, car dealerships, offices, etc., our commercial cleaning services will guarantee an immaculate environment that’s clean and safe.



Church Cleaning Services

A church needs to be clean and welcoming. Our professionals have been trained to pay attention to the details. If your business looks clean, but you have dirty baseboards and windows, well…”It’s not clean.” To us clean means spotless from top to bottom.

We know that your church is a place of utmost respect for your higher faith and we’ll treat it with that kind of reverence.A flawless top to bottom cleaning service is what keeps our clients happy and our business relationships thriving.

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Our stellar cleaning service will impress you and your church visitors by always providing a clean and fresh atmosphere for you to worship in.

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